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Dr. Lawrence Spracklen is a senior software engineer in VMware's performance group. His current research focus is VDI deployments (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), specifically protocol optimization and multimedia quality monitoring.

In 2009 Lawrence joined Nvidia as a performance lead, where he worked on performance analysis, optimization and compiler design, related to next-generation ARM processors.

Prior to Nvidia, Lawrence was a senior staff engineer in the UltraSPARC Architecture Group at Sun Microsystems, where he focussed on the development of next-generation UltraSPARC processors.

Prior to joining the architecture group, Dr. Spracklen was a research staff member in the Compilers, Libraries and Performance Technologies group at Sun Microsystems, where he focussed on performance analysis and optimization.

Before moving to the USA in 2000, Dr. Spracklen worked as a software consultant for the United Nations and Sun UK.

Dr. Spracklen received a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering (thesis can be found here) from the University of Aberdeen (2001) and a B.Sc. in Computational Physics from the University of York (1995).

Dr. Lawrence Spracklen, Bay Area, CA, USA